Junk Food Cleanse Cheat Sheet Junk Food V’s Healthy Food


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Junk Food Cleanse Cheat Sheet Junk Food V’s Healthy Food

Are you ready to transform the way you eat? This Junk Food Cheat Sheet Junk Food V’s Healthy Food post it up on the frig.

Avoiding junk foods can seem impossible, but there are delicious, healthy alternatives that won’t derail your diet. Learn which treats won’t be an enemy to your waistline.

Junk food is food that is calorie-dense and nutrient poor. In recent decades, junk food, fast food and convenience food consumption in the United States have increased dramatically, with 25 percent of people now consuming predominantly junk food diets. This trend has occurred concurrently with rising epidemics of numerous chronic diseases and accounts for a long list of reasons why eating junk food is bad.

Fast foods are specially designed to be addictive in nature with high levels of salts, sugars and fats that make you crave them. The addictive nature of fast food can make your brain crave them even when you are not hungry.


Method 2 Changing Your Eating Habits
  1. Avoid snacking in settings that cause you to make bad choices. (ie. in front of the TV)
  2. Eat plenty of healthy food early in the day. (You may have heard the saying, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” by well-known American author and nutritionist Adelle Davis. This popular quotation gives much weight to breakfast, which literally means “breaking the fast of the night”.
  3. Chew healthy snacks when you get a craving for junk food.(have veggies, hummus, nuts & seeds ready)
  4. Vary your food choices.
  5. Drink plenty of water.
  6. Have you tried juicing? Drink 2 fresh juices meals Breakfast & Lunch and have a healthy protein & vegetable dinner. Who knows you may lose a little weight while getting healthier. Win! Win!
  7. Buy a ebook with easy healthy recipes.


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